My name is Helen, and I’m the founder of Lewis Knox Interior Design. After spending more than nine years working as a high-end interior designer, I decided the time was right to follow my dreams and start my own venture. I set up Lewis Knox to practice innovative client-focused design, creating personal and highly imaginative interiors for both residential and commercial projects. I believe that interior design is something which affects us all, and that good design has the power to enhance our moods and well-being. With a dedicated team and plenty of experience, Lewis Knox was born out of this energy, which drives me to do what I do and to work to my utmost to alter people’s perceptions of interior spaces.

Helen - Lewis Knox

Doing things differently

Too many interior designers are inflexible with their style and care more about the place they are working on than the client’s happiness. We thought it was about time that this changed. Our design philosophy is to use our skill and expertise to unlock our clients’ vision and push their boundaries to explore what is possible within their space.

Doing things differently - Lewis Knox

What we do

It’s simple. Our focus is to create the ideal interior design to suit any space by working closely with our clients and carefully listening to them. Only then can we achieve a result that they are guaranteed to love. Collaborating with people to take their influences and tastes on board is one of the most enjoyable aspects of interior design. We like to open their minds to innovative ideas and help them find the perfect look. Our ‘signature style’ is to bring out your signature style, even if you’ve not discovered it yet.

What We Do - Lewis Knox

How we work

We understand that every client is unique and are fully committed to creating a bespoke interior design to suit each space that we work in. Whether it’s a small residential home or a large-scale commercial design project, we believe that regular communication throughout the process is key.

Our aim is to get to know you, build a rapport, and create a relationship that makes the whole experience enjoyable and relaxed. We will open your eyes to new possibilities and concepts, but never force you in a direction that you don’t want to go. In short, we make it possible for you to imagine your ideal interior and use it to create your perfect space.

How We Work - Lewis Knox

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