The use of AI in Interior Design

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, from Alexa in our homes to targeted ads on Instagram, and one upcoming area of growth is in interior design. So, how will AI impact the world of interior design and what are the pros and cons? We shared our thoughts with Charlotte Pasha from Mayfair Times. You can read the full article in December’s Issue.

Mayfair Times AI and Interior design

Just how is AI being used in interior design?

AI in interior design is now being used to produce concept-level inspirational images to help with mood and direction concepts for initial projects. It won’t be long before product and specifications can be added to these images, a bit like Pinterest currently. It may mean it pushes interior designers to search for more niche products and less retail and high street, as AI can quickly source these from internet searches.

AI generated image of a home by Lewis Knox

Our studio is utilising AI in the development of rendering textures. We couldn’t find the perfect Cotswold stone texture to finish a room elevation we were rendering in Photoshop. After a few minutes in Midjourney it developed the perfect texture that we could download and use on our room design.

Helen Knox, Co-founder

AI rendering of Cotswolds Stone by Lewis Knox

So is AI a good or bad thing?

Both, of course. A key strength of AI is visualisation of end rooms for design studios to use. Currently outsourcing photo-realistic room renders is costly and not something all clients want to pay for and in-house can take a lot of man hours, so being able to use this technology for more accessible visuals would help sell interior designs to clients, right from the initial design stage. As long as people are upfront if it’s an AI image, and not passing it off as their own work.

Extract from Mayfair Times 
“High Tech” by Charlotte Pasha
Read the full article in December’s Issue.

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