Commissioning Bespoke Furnishings

Your home should be as unique as you are. It’s a reflection of you, your passions, and your style. So how can you create a truly distinctive space? One way is to commission bespoke furnishings. 

As a full-service interior design practice, we help clients understand how bespoke furnishings can elevate their projects. Combined with off-the-shelf pieces and antique objects, they are a great way to create a really personal space. 

It’s a multi-layered approach that we often use as a foundation for entire home redesigns. It allows our interior architects to flex their creative muscles while reflecting the individuality of the client. 

bespoke upholstery
bespoke upholstery
bespoke upholstery

The Bespoke Fundamentals

Whether it’s window treatments, upholstery, furnishings or lampshades, there are a few essentials you’ll need to consider before commissioning a bespoke piece.     

If bespoke furnishings are for an everyday room wearability needs to be a big consideration.

Function of the room 

With a bespoke piece it’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics, but your dream space has to work practically too. We take time to get to know each client then we can deliver an interior that works for how they live their life. If bespoke furnishings are for an everyday room wearability needs to be a big consideration. We’d suggest materials that get a high score for durability on the Martindale abrasion rub test or even Easyclean and washable fabrics for rooms like these. If the bespoke piece is for an occasional room, durability can take more of back seat. 


Cards on the (elegantly upholstered) coffee table, bespoke isn’t the cheapest option. But factor in quality and longevity, and it’s likely to offer enduring value. A custom-crafted sofa will last 30 years – so if it’s a timeless style or one you know you’re going to love forever it’s definitely worth the investment. And bespoke could actually save you money – a well-made pair of curtains with thick lining will do wonders for your heating bills.


The great thing about bespoke is the opportunity it gives you to express your unique style. Not sure where to find inspiration? Take pictures of things you see on your travels – hotels have always great solutions for blackout window treatments for example. Pinterest is an instant source of everything from glossy professional interiors to DIY ideas, as are print and digital magazines. We love exploring initial ideas with our clients and using these as a basis for concept exploration. We then use our experience and contacts to propose creative ideas that fit your vision. 

Lead time

Beautiful things come to those who wait. When you’re commissioning a one-off piece the lead time can be 4-8 weeks depending on the fabric and material availability. Some of the fabrics we use are printed to order and others are in permanent stock so we can advise on the right choice for your project. Bespoke might not be a quick solution, but we think hand-crafted and unique is worth waiting for to deliver a stand-out space.

commissioning bespoke furnishings

Top tips for maximising your bespoke furnishings

Our experienced interior designers have taken on plenty of bespoke projects. Here are some tips for making the most of the opportunities they offer. 

window treatments bespoke curtains and blinds
window treatments bespoke curtains and blinds

Window treatments 

Window treatments can play a key role in room redesigns and different types of windows call for different dressing techniques. Small cottage windows can work really well with roman blinds outside the recess to allow as much light into the room as possible.

If you’ve got a large expanse of glazing, full-length curtains are a great option. They can make a real statement and there are lots of ways to tailor them to your style. We always recommend considering window treatments early in the design process, it makes sure they are carefully curated, and with weighty curtains allows us to add an electrical feed for automatic controls. 

Budget is always a consideration with large windows. We often suggest a plain fabric which can be double width (most fabric is 130-150cm wide) allowing less joins and less labour costs. To add decorative embellishment a wide border trim can be added onto the leading edge – a simple way to make an impact. 

For large windows, we often suggest a plain fabric which can be double width, allowing less joins and labour costs.

For a smart and streamlined look we like to hide the curtain tracks and heading behind a bulkhead. A plastered bulkhead works well for contemporary home design and in period properties we run the decorative room cornice in front to give the illusion of hidden curtains. It’s a lovely way to integrate large curtains into your space without taking up the whole room.

hide the curtain tracks and heading behind a bulkhead
Ottomans with casters

As interior architects we consider how all the features in a house can best be integrated into a redesign. In this Welsh country house, there were lovely traditional elements and refined architectural features that we couldn’t ignore. So we designed window treatments to match. Slightly shaping these bespoke pelmet boards and covering them in the same fabric as the curtains created a cohesive scheme – we even designed the bed with a corona bed dressing and valance to create a tailored classical scheme.

Master Bedroom Bespoke Soft Furnishings

Bespoke window treatments are a fantastic way to get a truly cohesive space. It’s always best to get expert insight from an interior designer who has dressed different sizes, shapes, and orientation of windows then you know your investment will deliver perfect results. 

We’d usually suggest a 4-6 week turnaround time from survey to installation of final window treatments. Our specialist team can manage the whole process from survey and measurements to design and installation.

Commissioning furniture

Whether it’s a brand-new commission or breathing fresh life into an existing item, bespoke furniture can give your dream home a unique style. Here are some tricks of the trade to create a personal piece.

Looking to make a statement in your bedroom? Custom headboards are a simple way to mix things up. 

The current trend for shapely oversized headboards is heavily influenced by designer Kit Kemp and as you can see from her Firmdale Hotel rooms left, they make a striking centerpiece.

Girls Bedroom Bespoke Headboard

If you want to make a more subtle statement, adding embellished details like studding or contrast piping can elevate a headboard too. 

master bedroom headboard
blue piped traditional headboard
headboard with buttons
headboard with piping detail
textured headboard

Doubling up as coffee tables, stools, and emergency chairs, Ottomans are so versatile and perfect for customisation.  

If they are for a high-use space, cubes like these that we created in a tough hard-wearing leather will stand the test of time – in style.

Ottomans with casters

Adding castors to an Ottoman for a more formal and traditional look works well too, with the added bonus of ease of movement.


Don’t dismiss the humble cushion as a last-minute flourish. The right material, shape, and combination can add accents and depth that cleverly tie your scheme together. 

Got a plain item of furniture? Introducing pattered cushions can instantly add interest and texture to a functional piece. It’s important to consider the scale and the size of the fabric in relation to the cushion size. Anything smaller than an 18-inch cushion and you’ll lose the impact of many patterns.  

We love the power of a trim. Whether it’s playing with contrasting texture and colour, like leather piping on a relaxed linen cushion, or a large brush fringe that complements a bold pattern, combining trim and fabric is an art and we can help you find the right balance. 

Bespoke Children's Cushion
Window Seat Cushions
Bespoke Bed Cushions

Got a specific bespoke project in mind? Want to talk interior styling with one of our team? We’d love to hear about your vision. Call us at the studio on 01829 271585 or drop us an email:

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